'Mission: Impossible 8' Has Been Delayed Yet Again, And That’s Not The Only Big Change For Tom Cruise’s Upcoming Movie
  • 4 months ago
This past summer, the "Mission: Impossible" franchise resumed with the release of "Dead Reckoning Part One," which hit theaters five years after its predecessor, "Fallout." "Dead Reckoning Part One’s" ending laid some major groundwork for the next chapter of Ethan Hunt’s saga, and until today, "Dead Reckoning Part Two" was firmly planted on the 2024 movies calendar. However, it’s been revealed that not only has "Mission: Impossible 8" been delayed yet again, we also can’t call it "Dead Reckoning Part Two" anymore.

Paramount Pictures has announced that it’s removed "Mission: Impossible 8" from the June 28, 2024 slot and moved it to May 23, 2025. While that’s not quite a full year’s delay, it nonetheless means that audiences will have to wait until the next summer blockbuster season to catch it, with nearly two full years now passing between "Part One" and this next installment. Additionally, per THR, the eighth installment of this action franchise will no longer be called "Dead Reckoning Part Two," and a new title will be unveiled at a later date.