Tribes 3: Rivals | Official Gameplay

3 months ago
Check out 7 minutes of action-packed gameplay from Tribes 3: Rivals, an upcoming team-based first-person shooter game featuring jetpacks, skiing, and class-based warfare.

In Tribes 3: Rivals, layers ski, jetpack, battle, and race to capture the enemy team’s flag, all while ferociously defending their own. Players can choose from unique classes to customize their abilities, perks, and weapon loadouts, while moving across epic terrains from snow-covered peaks to haunting deserts.

Tribes 3: Rivals will be available on PC through Steam and Epic, with plans for a console release on PlayStation and Xbox at a later time. Limited playtests will take place over the next several months, starting in November 2023. NA and EU servers are expected to be available during the first playtest.