Could Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Officially Join 'Wheel Of Fortune?' Vanna White Was Asked, And Had A Thoughtful Answer

3 months ago
As "Wheel of Fortune" fans prepare for Pat Sajak’s retirement next year, they're probably wondering about Vanna White as well. After a few long months, the longtime co-host landed a new contract to remain on the game show, but her future beyond that remains to be seen. While it’s hard to imagine seeing "Wheel" without both Sajak and White, fans have already started suggesting Pat's daughter, Maggie, as a potential replacement for the latter. White was asked about that and shared a thoughtful response.

Maggie Sajak has some experience on "Wheel of Fortune" already. She’s the show’s social media correspondent and is often seen at the end of each episode. She even took over for Vanna White in 2020, who was, in turn, filling in for her dad while he was undergoing surgery. Maggie also turned the letters on the Celebrity spinoff earlier this year when White was a contestant. With all of that in mind, the veteran TV personality told E! News that the 28-year-old is more than capable of permanently stepping up to the plate if she’s ever needed.