The History of the Espresso Machine (National Espresso Day)

3 months ago
The History of the, Espresso Machine.
In honor of National Espresso Day, here’s a look at the
history of the espresso machine and how it came to be. .
The first steam-powered coffee machine
was patented by Angelo Moriondo of
Turin, Italy, in 1884. .
The machine was later improved by Milanese manufacturer
Luigi Bezzerra in the 20th century, who successfully created
a method of brewing coffee in a matter of seconds. .
In 1903, Desiderio Pavoni bought Bezerra’s
patents and worked with him to further improve
the machine, which they dubbed the “Ideale.”.
In 1906, the two men introduced their perfected
“cafeé espresso” machine to the world. .
Soon after, similar espresso machines began
to appear, gradually becoming smaller and
more efficient as technology advanced. .
Milanese café owner
Achille Gaggia is credited with
creating the first high-pressured,
lever-operated espresso machine.
Gaggia’s machine ultimately resulted in the creation
of the traditional “caffe creme” topped espresso.