Minimum wage is set to increase

  • 6 months ago
Let's take a look at the minimum wage, which is set to increase by more than one pound in April, to eleven pounds and forty four pence an hour. However, industry voices have highlighted that this could impact them negatively. Here's more on the story.

The minimum wage, now known as the national living wage is currently ten pounds and forty two pence an hour for people over the age of twenty three. From April, this will increase to eleven pounds forty four, and this rate will also be applied to those ages twenty one and twenty two.

The minimum wage for eighteen to twenty year olds will also see an increase, from seven pounds forty nine an hour to eight pound sixty. And apprentices will see their five pound twenty eight an hour increase to six pound forty. These changes will see that the Conservative's aim to end low pay is fulfilled.

Not everyone is celebrating though. There have been concerns voiced by the retail and hospitality industries who will have to foot the bill, with continued calls for reduced business rates and additional support as employment, energy and insurance costs continue to soar.