The unexpected hero who decided LeBron's duel with Gilbert Arenas deserves a deep rewind
  • 6 months ago
LeBron James' first ever playoff series was a thriller. In his third season, LeBron finally carried the much-improved Cleveland Cavaliers into the postseason, where they faced a dangerous first-round opponent: the Washington Wizards, led by the gutsy and unpredictable Gilbert Arenas. To pull ahead in the series, young LeBron had to perform multiple feats of clutchness.

This episode of Rewinder finds LeBron at the end of Game 6, a game defined to that point by one incredible Arenas shot and one costly Arenas blunder. James has the ball in his hands, but the Wizards are loath to let him beat the buzzer yet again. So ... who will it be? To figure that out, we're gonna need to rewind.