River UFOs UAPs Over My House In Alabama! How Is This Possible? UFOs/UAPs! I Personally Took This Unexplained Footage of UFOs/UAPs in North Alabama! Many Different Types of Flying Unidentified Craft!

  • 9 months ago
I have no reason to believe anything other than this footage is 100% accurate. I took it myself and unless I am being majorly punked in a way that I cannot quite explain then it's real.
I guess you could call this part 2 in 2023. I took all this footage myself there's nothing particularly special about me I just know where and when to look I guess to find these UFOs uaps!
I've been studying this my whole life but I've been photographing and videotaping it since 2017 and putting it on the internet since then. I have no reason to lie I just want to figure it out with everybody else because our world is changing really fast and there's a lot of moving parts and I think we all need to look together and figure out what's really going on! Yes I took photo and video and yes it looks like we're under an alien invasion but I truly believe there's a lot more to it than just that!