M1 KVT War Thunder New Update Devblog

  • 8 months ago
Today we look at the first devblog of upcoming La Royale update for War Thunder, covering the M1 KVT as featured in the M1 KVT Pack, which is an American M1 Abrams tank that has been dressed up to look like Soviet tanks in military exercises.

So lets take a look at how the M1 KVT differs from the regular M1 Abrams and some of the other bonuses included in the M1 KVT Pack!

M1 KVT Devblog: https://warthunder.com/en/news/8204-development-pre-order-m1-kvt-en

La Royale update videos
BF2C-1 Goshawk: https://youtu.be/SEYHY-TQoh4
F-14B Tomcat "Bombcat": https://youtu.be/qkP4k9qkdwQ
Le Malin: https://youtu.be/voPBKyt-K08
Pr. 56K Braviy: https://youtu.be/iuKEC3Rltxs
Iberian Castle: https://youtu.be/zcYWl_zeJGY
Colbert Heavy Cruiser: https://youtu.be/GS-h4-lTY2g
Raketenautomat: https://youtu.be/EYvCYocB_4w
Object 435: https://youtu.be/2o1n760SJGs
Franz Josef Land and AI Fortification mechanics: https://youtu.be/YeBcqcyb37I
CV 9030 FIN: https://youtu.be/epFi3DsPkAo
Parachute bombs: https://youtu.be/QRHbHCLg36Q

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