Middle-aged dad dance crew goes viral on social media - and even Hugh Jackman is a fan

4 months ago
A woman in a mud bath was horrified after a volcanic bubble behind her looked like - a fart.

Ruchama Dargenson, 26, was taking a dip inside Colombia's dormant volcano Totumo when a bubble of volcanic gas burst.

The moment, captured on video, shows Ruchama posing and suddenly looking horrified when a large bubble appears - just behind her.

Ruchama, a quality assurance analyst, said: "Basically, because it's a volcano there are gas bubbles coming up.

"It framed me but thankfully no one thought it was a fart."

Ruchama was on holiday celebrating her birthday with her sister Kathiana Dargenson, 25, and 15 of their friends when the incident happened.

The footage quickly went viral and Ruchama was inundated with messages from friends who had seen the funny TikTok online.

The video has now gained more than 320,000 views with many comments accusing Ruchama of farting.

One comment read: "Do y'all realize how powerful that fart had to be?"

Another said: "That was a big one."

Ruchama has taken the video's virality with good humor and even appreciates being able to make others laugh.

Ruchama, who is from Orlando, Florida, USA, said: "It's kind of nerve-wracking seeing it go so viral, but not in a bad way. It's exciting.

"Comments are going to be rude. It's the internet but it's funny. It's a funny thing that happened.

"I've been sent the video six or seven times by friends who received it from other people. It's not something to take seriously.

"I'm just glad me and Kathiana could make people laugh."