Hundreds of Coles, Woolworths employees to walk off the job

  • 7 months ago
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Hundreds of staff, while preparing to get out of work in first strike throughout country, shoppers in supermarkets throughout country may want to want for weekend. Employees represented by the Union of Retail and Fast Food Workers, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Act will stop working on Saturday at 1 for two hours. The strike, first example country in Australia, will affect both Coles and Woolworths stores and will come in midst of increasing criticism two grocery chains. Federal Secretary Josh Cullinan is expected to participate in the 1000 Raffwu member who states that personnel fight for higher wages, safer workplaces and safe jobs. “A few cents more than the minimum wage is paid to the workers, N Nine News said. “They just want a living fee to cope with the increasing cost of life. "They can't even meet the food they sell." Mr. Cullinan also said that he wanted ordinary employees to take ongoing jobs and take action on violence in stores. “They want to spend more hours to trust in their contracts, Cull said Cullinan. Camera icon strike will impress both Coles and Woolworths stores. “Mega companies that make a profit of mega should be able to achieve this. “We also want to see that worker has been attacked or abused to treat a worker like crime. “Unseen and ugly like abuse, threats, intimidation and level of attacks. "Employers don't raise his finger to stop him." The industrial action is planned to be organized in stores on Friday and reveal retaliation claims. Raffwu said Coles would highlight every worker who implements a stopping business ban. “Coles pays poverty fees, and then threatens to remove even these inadequate wages from any worker who dare to stand up,” Raffwu said. “In order to avoid suspicion, the workers are not paid for multiplying and will not be paid to the workers in Coles on Friday, October 6 by Coles. Camera icon Raffwu said that Coles would emphasize every worker who implements a stopping business ban. David Mariuz News Corp Australia Için Refusing to pay for workers while prohibiting limited work is a choice by Coles in the exploitation of brutal workers. “Woolworths did not make the same choice and does not refuse to pay to workers who are currently implementing bans.” The list of affected stores is unknown, striking employees ordered to gather at certain points, including the following. Melbourne - Coles Spencer ST Gippsland - Coles Traralgon Central NSW Sydney - Belmore Park, Eddy Ave Entrance, near Central Station) Broken Hill - Woolworths Broken Hill Brisbane - Outside the Myry Center McDonald's in the corner of Elizabeth and Albert Streets North Brisbane - Woolworths Narangba Charter Towers - Woolworths Charters Towers Gladstone - Coles Gladstone Western Australia PERTH - COLES BYFORD Australian capital Canberra - Coles Tuggeranong South Australia Adelaide - Woolworths Aberfoyle Park Approved In a