Samantha Armytage talks about the 'touch' encounter with the comedian Russell brand in the midst of

5 months ago
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Samantha Armytage is the latest Australian journalist speaking about a “quite complete çıktı encounter with the comedian Russell brand because of allegations of sexual assault. While interviewing experienced TV presenter The Daily Telegraph, BBC Star, when he visited Australia in 2009, he told the Ch7's experience with “touching” brand as a host as host of weekend. High -profile reporter, historical videos Australian reporters Fifi Box and Liz Hayes'in, also working at same time to claim that the comedian was uninvited from commented. Daily Telegraph's hidden, "frankly he was always quite ugly in his personality," he said. “But remember it very touching him, and I think it is quite complete, considering that don't know him.” In segment, 'Bombastic Brit', brand, during interview with Ordu to Ordu, "If you were in my young tele'de, it would ruin me," he says. Armytage can be seen strangely thanked the Brand to say that he was “gentle ve and tried to change the conversation, and when he says,“ This is not gentle… a little rude ”while eating a banana. Later in the interview, Armytage asks Brand about “sex and drug addiction ,, which allows him to jump out of his chair before accepted that he could not get enough“ drugs, drugs ,, but has been clean for six years. Similarly, while the Box, 2010 film, interviewed him for Greek, he discussed an ugly moment with Brand in a past segment in Sunrise. In segment, brand kisses boxing on cheek and then box while trying to interview. Later in 2012, Hayes faced the brand trying to open her bra and kiss her lips in an interview for 60 minutes. Between 2006-2013, four women, Times Sunday Times as a part a joint investigation into women by newspapers brand rape, sexual assault and emotional physical abuse after accusing videos historical encounters after emergence program. The fifth accused him of abuse during his 2007 relations in 2014. The metropolitan police said that a woman contacted them on Sunday on Monday, and 2003, she was sexually assaulted by an entertainer in Soho the center of London. Brand rejects all the charges against him and said that any of his relationships were “consent -based”. The camera icon Russell Brand rejected what he called "very serious criminal claims" made in the media reports. The brand was also released by Tavistock Wood, talent agency, and it is not yet clear whether the long -term publisher still represents comic book. In addition, this week, organizer canceled by the 'Bipolarization' tour canceled by organizer made demonstrations. Youtube also suspended the brand's channel making money. The company confirmed that after allegations, platform decided that platform had violated “creative responsibility policy”. With Bang Showbiz Files