Online Cancer Caregivers Education Program

  • 9 months ago
Barbara Kavanagh, Caregiver and AzMN. Co-Founder with her husband, a 32 year cancer survivor. And William Brown, caregiver of his wife, and co-Leader with Barbara, of the new Online Cancer Caregivers Education Program, CCEP® . It is designed to bring together cancer patients,caregivers, cancer care professionals and healthcare organizations to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient. And their loving caregivers.
1. No Cancer patient or family should battle this devastating Battle alone.
2. You can help!
3. There is Hope! Jack Kavanagh is a 32 year cancer survivor and the Inspiration for
Barbara and thousands of other cancer patients, caregivers, families and cancer researchers who have dedicated their lives to seeking better treatment and a Cure!
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