Sirona (2023) | Official Trailer HD

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Available on Digital September 5

Directed by Wesley Clark

Starring: Ashlynn Hideman (Until Our Last Breath), Jeremy Calcoate (Curse of the Black Lagoon), Ben Johnson (Justice League: Dawn of Apokolips), Shale LePage (Monster Force Zero), Sarah Klaren (Mom, Murder & Me)

Deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, a government blacksite going by the name Valkyrie, conducts their twisted human experiments trying to push the boundaries of human evolution. Their operation becomes compromised when experiment #030, a.k.a. Sirona, escapes. In a desperate attempt to maintain their secret, Valkyrie hires a group of mercenaries led by Allen Cross to hunt down Sirona and capture her, whatever the cost. Upon finding Sirona, Cross is forced into a no win scenario, do the right thing or follow orders, both of which lead to dire consequences.

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