“Rahul Gandhi did Bharat Jodo, PM did Bharat Todo”, Kharge attacks BJP over Manipur | Modi Amit Shah
  • 8 months ago
Indira Gandhi gave away her life to keep the country united. Rajiv Gandhi scarified his life to keep the country consolidated. We have people who have given away their life for the nation. Do you have any of them? Manipur is burning there but these people didn’t go even once there. The state is almost going to break into two. We requested them to speak on Manipur in the parliament. But they didn’t come. They came once the no-confidence motion was proposed. Almost 300 people died. More than 600 people were injured. More than 6000 houses were burnt to ashes. How can these people protect the country? Instead, our leader, Mr. Rahul Gandhi went there. These people from Delhi were campaigning for elections. You get time to campaign for election. Don’t you get time to visit Manipur even once? Rahul Gandhi did Bharat Jodo, PM did Bharat Todo

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