'Dimple' Mission: NASA begins preparing for 2027 lunar mission | Indepth With ILA I Oneindia News

  • 11 months ago
Hi…You are watching in-depth with ILA. Since Chandrayaan-3 has been in news for quite some time now, today, I have brought to you one more mission related to the moon. This mission forms a crucial aspect of NASA’s future Artemis missions. As part of its lunar missions through the Artemis program, NASA has selected a new scientific mission to study the age and composition of hilly terrain formed by volcanic activity on the near side of the Moon. The selected instrument suite has been named DIMPLE that stands for Dating an Irregular Mare Patch with a Lunar Explorer. This instrument will investigate the Ina Irregular Mare Patch on the lunar surface. This unique feature was discovered in 1971 in images captured by the Apollo 15 mission.

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