A woman claims she was "butchered" by a Turkish surgeon who she claim let her right breast die and left her with gaping wounds on her stomach

10 months ago
A British woman claims she was 'butchered,' lost her right breast and was left fighting for life after undergoing 'botched' cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

Sara Platt, 32, splashed out £14,000 for a tummy tuck, breast implant and three other procedures through a cosmetic surgery agency in Antalya earlier this year.

However the mum-of-four claims she was left mutilated by the 13-hour operation which caused her right breast to necrose and 'die' and left a gaping, infected wound in her stomach.

She claims that after the op she was rushed into surgery after brown liquid started to ooze from the wound and she was left awake as surgeons burnt away the infected flesh.

She admitted lying to the doctor about giving him a positive review as she feared she would not be allowed to fly home if she didn't.

After returning to the UK she was rushed to hospital after her wound became infected and has needed eight operations to save her life.

She is now fundraising to obtain surgery to correct the damage done to her body and to sue the Turkish surgeon she blames for it.

Sara, from Llanharan, south Wales, says she now can't now look at her own body and has nightmares.

She said: "I'm not the person I was.

"I was very confident and strong and outgoing. Now I'm terrified of everything.

"I can't shower because I can't face looking at my own body.

"I have these horrible dreams about getting killed in hospitals, drowned in blood.

"I haven't been outside in seven weeks. I get triggered by everything.

"If I can stop one person from going through what I went through that's all I care about."

Sara says her nightmare began after she was fitted with a gastric sleeve to lose weight after hitting 24 stone in September 2021 from steroid treatment for her endometriosis.

However after losing 12 stone she was left with 'intolerable' excess skin which developed boils and blisters from rubbing.

She booked a tummy tuck surgery in Turkey to remove it after doing 17 months of researching different surgeons.

However the surgery she booked through the agency in February should have given her a new lease of life but she says has left her with a butchered body.

Sara says errors in the surgery led her to lose her right breast after the tissue turned black and died and 30 per cent of her left breast also had to be removed.

She is also left with a "hunch" from excess fat left on her back.

Sara claims the surgeon removed too much of her stomach skin, leaving a gaping wound that needed skin grafts from her legs.

Two months later, the hole is still gaping open.

She claims she felt she had to lie to the doctor about giving him a positive review online for fear of him not signing a 'fit to fly' certificate.