Jhené Aiko and CL | Musicians on Musicians

  • last year
Welcome to Rolling Stone’s 2021 Musicians on Musicians package, the annual franchise where two great artists come together for a free, open conversation about life and music. Each story in this year’s series will appear in our November 2021 print issue, hitting stands on November 2nd.

"I really want a lot more Asian pop stars,” says CL. The South Korean pop singer, 30, is already doing her part to meet that demand — as is the woman she’s talking to, Jhené Aiko, 33. Both artists started making music at a young age, and they’re both still reaching brand-new peaks in their careers. Though this is their first time meeting, they immediately find a bond, learning they share a sign (“When I found out you were a Pisces, I said, ‘Yes!’ ” Aiko exclaims) and an outlook on making music that doesn’t conform to any set genre or industry mold.