Are We Worried About Celtics? + The JJ Redick & Kendrick Perkins Debate | Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman NBA Podcast

Is it time to push the panic button regarding the Celtics in the Eastern Conference? Also, what's next for Ja Morant & the Grizzlies, and what do we take away from JJ Redick + Kendrick Perkins' passionate MVP debate on ESPN?

0:47: What's gone wrong with the Celtics?

5:20: Did we overreact to how great this team was, or is it still too early to panic about the 2022-23 Celtics?

10:35: JJ Redick & Kendrick Perkins MVP debate on ESPN's First Take

14:17: Kevin Durant Suns debut

19:40: What do we make of the surging Knicks?

22:17: Order HelloFresh today!

23:33: Ja Morant ordered to stay away from the Grizzlies