Siblings unite to surprise grandma and celebrate her 70th birthday together

  • last year
In a video that radiates wholesome energy, Oksana Sidorenko and family surprise their grandma on her 70th birthday.

The footage starts with Oksana and her siblings, Emmanuel, Valerija, Vladimirs, and Viktorija arriving at their grandma, Valentina's doorstep and knocking on the door.

Not expecting anyone special, Valentina takes her sweet time before greeting her special visitors (and that too from the window next to the door).

She is taken aback by her grandchildren's sweet gesture as they keep hyping her on her big day.

"We flew to Latvia to surprise our grandmother and celebrate her 70th jubilee," the filmer shared with WooGlobe. "We kept this a secret until we rang the doorbell, this was the live reaction recorded."
Location: Daugavpils, Latvia
WooGlobe Ref : WGA950681
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