'Navy Corpsman Surprises Siblings at School *Heartwarming Reunion*'

  • 3 years ago
'Absolutely incredible footage of a Navy Corpsman reuniting with her younger brother and sister after a year of being away from them.

Breann Estrada is a 22 y/o soldier from Edgewood, Texas who joined the Navy when she was 18. She said: "I chose to do this surprise video in December of 2019 before COVID because I had just gotten back from a 6-month deployment on the USNS Comfort."

She added: "I hadn’t seen my family in over a year and I really missed them. I decided to surprise my brother (Rusty Evans) and my sister (Shelby Evans) at their school just before Christmas."

Breann's surprise ended up working out as she planned and the whole family got to celebrate Christmas together.

This heartwarming video has been viewed over 370K times on TikTok.

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