Why is it Still Better to Use Cable Chargers Than The New Wireless Chargers?

  • last year
With technology, new products are constantly being created to make our daily lives easier.
Today, let's take a look at the wireless charger.
More and more popular, they allow you to recharge your phone without the hassle of a cable.
If the idea seems ingenious, here's why the cabled charger is not yet destined to disappear.
This one is still more efficient.
The wireless charger was only limited to 5 watts maximum, the traditional wired charger charges faster.
It is also more ecological (less energy lost).
It is also more convenient as it allows you to use your phone while charging while with the wireless charger, the device must be placed on the stand.
Finally, the wired charger is usually provided with the purchase of a new phone while the wireless charger must be purchased separately.