Why Are Wired Headphones Making a Comeback at the Expense of Wireless Ones?
  • last year
Since the arrival of Bluetooth, we trade our old headphones and traditional earphones by the "wireless".
In 2016, AirPods arrived on the market, slowly burying wired headphones.
They were a hit: in a few years, they became the best-selling headphones in the world.
But according to Bustle, wired headphones are making a comeback.
Supporting evidence: , Several stars have been photographed wearing classic headphones.
This is the case of Bella Hadid or Lily-Rose Depp.
The singer Dua Lipa went even further by posting on Instagram a photo of her wearing wired headphones as jewelry around her neck.
That's how these old headphones became a fashionable accessory again.
This can also be explained by the new trend of rejecting this ultra-tech world to return to a more simplistic way of life.
Also, keep in mind that wired headphones cost 5 to 8 times less than AirPods, not to mention the fact that these are easily lost and must be refilled very regularly!
So dig out your old headphones!