Burn Out Your Legs and Glutes With This 20-Minute Cardio Circuit

  • last year
Get three workouts - cardio, strength, and mobility - in one with this 20-minute lower-body workout led by certified personal trainer Amanda Butler. Joining Butler in this quick and effective routine are class members Ellie Aviles and Paulyn Baens, who've got you covered with modifications. This program features moves such as single-leg knee drives, deadlifts, and toe taps that will really burn out those legs and glutes as well as challenge your balance. Not to mention, Butler cranks up the cardio to make sure this workout is a sweaty one. Finally, you'll seal in the good energy with a finisher. All you need is a mat!
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Butler's outfit: Le Ore // Shoes: APL
Aviles's outfit: Varley // Shoes: APL
Baens's outfit: Jolyn // Shoes: