Part 2 - Future Hi- Tech Products That Are About to Change Our World

  • 2 years ago
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Nuclear Fusion
A Self-Sustaining Energy Force For Mankind

Cryptocurrency-Only Economy
Decentralized, Private Currencies That Displace National Fiat Currency

Drone Swarms
UAVs Work As A Team And Communicate With One Another

Remote Controlled Brain Implants for Mental Illness
Recircuits Neuron Paths To Help Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Deep Fakes
Synthetic Media That Can Make Someone Look Like Someone Else

Social Credit
Government Ranks Citizens Based On Their “Social Value”

Spying Smart Speakers
Smart Speakers Are Always Listening And Sometimes Hacked

Lets You Decode A Pixelated, Blurred Image

Door-Opening Robot
Robot That Can Open Doors, Do Dishes, Climb Stairs, And Sort Recycling

Audio Spotlight Advertising
Narrow Beams Of Sound Used By Retailers To Target Certain Store Areas

Series Of Digital Attacks On An Enemy State

Cloud Seeding
Forces Clouds To Rain, Keeping Temperatures Down

“The Singularity”
Point Where Humans Go Extinct At The Hands Of Artificial Intelligence

Self-Cleaning Toothbrush
Uses Light & Heat Technology To Clean Germs Off Toothbrush Head

Microplastics-Removing Underwater Drone
Tracks And Removes Microplastics From The Ocean

Autonomous Dog-Poop-Cleaner (like an outdoor Roomba)
Senses And Cleans Dog Poop From Your Lawn

Earbuds That Monitor Health
Earphones That Monitor Brain Waves, Heartbeat, And Stress

Airless Tires
Tires Do Not Require Air Pressure

No-Mess Composter
Smart Composter That Shortens Composting Time And Reduces Waste

Personal Helicopters
Miniature Helicopter With VTOL Technology For Personal Use

Instant Pothole Repair
Repairs Potholes In Less Than 10 Minutes

Anti-Traffic Bus
Elevates Above Traffic To Avoid Bottlenecks

Elon Musk’s Neuralink
Brain Implant Melds Robotics With The Human Brain

Walletmor Implantable Payment Chip
Make Contactless Payments With Microchip Injected Into Skin

Floating Taco Bell
Delivers Food Via Lifts From Above

World’s Smallest Walking Robot Crab
Moves With the Use of Lasers

Tesla Humanoid Robot
Functions As A Human

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