Demian – Demian 1971 (USA, Hard Rock)

  • 2 years ago
The only album from a Texas band previously called "Bubble Puppy". In 1969, Bubble Puppy released the first LP under the International Artists label, which turned out to be the last - the team had serious conflicts with the release company and further cooperation became very problematic. Not particularly bothering with the issue of settling "labor disputes", the guys simply ran away from the management that was unpleasant for them and, having completely preserved the line-up, released a new disc in 1971, already under the name "Demian". The "name change" happened for two reasons - firstly, in order to avoid problems with the former studio, which had certain rights to the work of "Bubble Puppy" and, secondly, to get away from the association with bubblegum music gaining momentum, to which the group had nothing to do, except for the consonant name. All in all, very good hard, sometimes falling to the ballad motifs of the 60s psychedelia, which the band performed earlier. A very interesting, good album that should appeal to both hard rock fans and psychedelic fans.

(00:00) 01. Face The Crowd –
(02:55) 02. Windy City –
(08:13) 03. Love People –
(10:29) 04. Coming –
(16:01) 05. Todd’s Tune –
(19:22) 06. No More Tenderness –
(23:14) 07. Are You With Me Baby? –
(28:09) 08. Only A Loner –

Roy Cox (Roy Eugene Cox, Jr.) — vocals, bass
Rod Prince (William Roderick Prince) — vocals, guitar
Todd Potter (James Todd Potter) — guitar
David «Fuzzy» Fore – drums