CASIO VINTAGE x PAC-MAN collaboration model - A100WEPC

  • il y a 2 ans
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Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of one of the world's first successful video games.

Casio watches and PAC-MAN have both been with us for over forty years.
Here is a collaboration between these two legends with their timeless image and gadgetry.
The design is playful and inspired by the world of arcade games.

The new A100WEPC watch is based on the recently released A100 watch, which reprises the design of the original F-100, including the unique four-button front layout.
The styling is designed to evoke the fun, retro look of the PAC-MAN game.
The watch face features colorful pixelated PAC-MAN and ghost characters, and the center ILLUMINATOR logo is rendered using the PAC-MAN font.
The face design faithfully replicates the PAC-MAN game screen, down to details like the pink line marking the exit of the nest from which the ghosts emerge.
The gold-plated watch case is inspired by the color of the PAC-MAN arcade game cabinet.
The top watch band is laser etched with a rendering of PAC-MAN being chased by ghosts, and the reverse scene with PAC-MAN chasing ghosts is rendered on the bottom band.
The case back also features the PAC-MAN logo and icons.

The watch comes with special packaging imprinted with PAC-MAN character icons and the game score screen, to deliver the full look of the PAC-MAN game.

May the Geek be with you (on your wrist) !

* Dimensions: 40.7mm x 32x7mm
* Thickness: 9.2mm
* Reference: A100WEPC-1BER
* Case: Resin case
* Band Material : Decorated stainless steel band
Weight: 53g.
* Movement: Quartz
* Functions: Stopwatch (1/10 second, measurement capacity: 59'59"9), daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, LED light


Music: Elektronomia - Sky High