2 years ago
"I crossed the line."

I have to bring you an important update. In pursuing a career in filmmaking, I have sent my applications to various universities and have been admitted to most of them. After careful consideration, I have chosen to study at SDSU starting in September, a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Production. I update you on my journey openheartedly, precisely the same way I would speak to my dear friend. It is because you have been with me for years that I can share my successes and failures with commensurate elation or sorrow.

However, I have come to some financial difficulties during my arduous mission. It is no news that I come from an unprivileged family, and from a country that has an average family income of $400 per month, but despite all that I have managed to save up about $20k to cover my studies. Yet, I have crashed into a wall too thick and tall to overcome. I find that I would need another at least $20k amount of money to cover most of my university expenses during my first year there. I tell you this now because I have exhausted the other means to acquire the funding. Thus, I must say if you think that I am worthy of a single penny from your pocket, then I implore you to aid me to pursue my dream.

I am collecting any amount that you can spare:

If you require a letter for proof of admission, email me at
Peaky Blinders Tribute


1) Autumn Moon - Eternal Eclipse
2) Am I Dreaming Myself - Eternal Eclipse
3) All The Tired Horses - Anna Calvi