30-Minute Kickboxing and Cardio Sculpt Routine With Amy Schemper

  • 2 years ago
Get your heart rate up with fitness trainer Amy Schemper, who will lead you through a 30-minute kickboxing and cardio sculpt workout that includes a mix of boxing and sculpting intervals. In this routine, you'll alternate between jabbing and weaving boxing combos while incorporating sculpting sets to work your lower body, arms, and core. Add some intensity with a resistance cord and a step deck, or just stick to using your bodyweight!
POPSUGAR Resistance Cord
The 3-in-1 Resistance Cord is a simple yet highly effective way to customize a workout to match your level of fitness and get the intensity you want. Attached to the comfortable handles are three tubes of varying resistance - light, medium, and heavy.
The Step Deck's bilevel design easily adjusts so you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. The textured, nonskid surface will keep your feet securely on the deck, and the nonslip floor pads hold the platform firmly in place.
Amy's Outfit: All Fenix