Señales de que estás listo para dejar tu trabajo
  • hace 2 años
These Are the Telltale Signs
You’re Ready to Quit Your Job.
If bad days are becoming a pattern at work,
then it might be time to consider if you're
gaining anything from your job. .
Here are nine telltale signs that you’re
ready to hand in your resignation. .
1. You’re being undervalued
and underpaid.
2. Your workplace pushes burnout
culture, A.K.A. having to be available 24/7
with little tolerance for breaks. .
3. You have to engage in numbing behaviors
after work to survive the next day. .
4. You’re experiencing physical symptoms of
stress, such as sleep issues and stomach aches. .
5. You dread going into the office,
sometimes to the point of tears. .
6. You don’t feel comfortable
being yourself at work. .
7. You’re bored with the work
you’re doing and feel unmotivated. .
8. You spend more time thinking about
new career directions than your actual job. .
9. You feel a sense of uneasiness when you
think about every aspect of your job.