DIFFERENT AGENDA: DeSantis NAILS IT on feckless Biden making BOOGEYMAN of Florida.

3 years ago
The other day, Jen Psaki laughably claimed the Biden administration is too busy doing great works to spend time feuding with Gov. Ron DeSantis. She said this because she was talking about Ron DeSantis in a press briefing AGAIN. Creepy Joe rants about the Florida governor routinely as well. It’s practically their only ace card.

The media, led by CNN’s appetite for a replacement ratings draw, eats it up when Biden and Psaki tell scary DeSantis ghost stories.

And why is this so? The boogeyman himself sums it up nicely.

“They’re more concerned about trying to attack me than deal with the problems of the country. I don’t see them dealing with the border crisis, I don’t see them dealing with inflation. Obviously energy prices are out of control. But yet they have this obsession with Florida,” said Gov. DeSantis.


That ain’t all, though. He NAILS them on faking their Covid concerns. “Clearly they have a different agenda at play.”

They have an AGENDA. That is RIGHT.

“They should really focus on getting the job done that they were elected to do, and they are not doing that right now.”