DeSantis Claims ‘Biden Doesn’t Care’ About Terrorists Crossing Border

5 months ago
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DeSantis Claims ‘Biden Doesn’t Care’ About Terrorists Crossing Border.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis roped in a heavy dose of fear-mongering into his post-debate spiel on Fox News, declaring Wednesday that he’d “bet” his “life savings” that a terrorist attack stemming from migration at the southern border is imminent. He went on to criticize Democrats and Joe Biden, claiming the president “doesn’t care” about the threat of terrorists crossing the southern border. “They’re missing in action on this as the carnage mounts,” DeSantis said. The governor has harped about threats from Mexican drug cartels and the southern border for years, repeatedly predicting the country’s next terrorist attack will be traced back to a border crossing from Mexico. In Wednesday’s debate, he repeated his plans to go after drug cartels in Latin America with the U.S. military if he’s elected president. “I refuse to be a passive bystander sitting in the White House like the hollowed-out husk of a current president we have,” he said.