Why Jayson Tatum Isn't STEPPING UP in Celtics vs Nets

  • 3 years ago
After playing 21 minutes, Celtics All Star Jayson Tatum got poked in the eye and had to exit the game and head to the locker room. The injury kept him out for the rest of the game.

Postgame Head Coach Brad Stevens shared Tatum’s eye looks red and swollen. Also, that Tatum tried to go back on the court and readjust to the light, but his eye was bothering him. Although, Celtics Guard Marcus Smart said Jayson Tatum seemed good after the game, and that his injury was unfortunate, but not very serious. Says he expects Tatum to play in Game 3.

While he played in the Celtics blowout loss in game 2 vs the Nets, Tatum put up 9 PTS, 4 REBS, and led the team in +/- with -28. The Garden Report reflects on Tatum's recent struggles with this team, and debates if he can turn things around to help lead this team to win over the Nets.
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