Jayson Tatum Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Cavaliers

3 years ago
Jayson Tatum was interviewed after the Celtics lost their fourth straight game. On the team lacking defensive intensity and needing pep talks from Brad at halftime, Tatum said “I don’t know… I think it's [slow starts] something that we’ve struggled with obviously.”
With the play-in tournament coming up for Boston, Tatum was asked if he needed rest leading into it and would the team rest him for some or both of the remaining games. “I mean it’s been a long season” said Tatum, “we need every win that we can get… gotta suck it up and play if you can.”
Boston has made an alarming trend of playing down to teams, which has been maddening to watch. “We shouldn’t take anything for granted… maybe human nature plays a part… we should have a little more sense of urgency… it’s just tough, especially dropping games like this” said Tatum.
With this being the first real season with Tatum stepping into a bigger leadership role, he was asked what lessons he’d taken away from it. “Everything is just a part of it… I think this is just a part of my growth from year to year, facing new challenges and learning from it” said Tatum. “Not gonna be perfect… I’m trying to figure it out as best I can… just continue to watch film, try to figure it out, try to be better for the next one, try to be there for my team as much as I can right now and for the future.”

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