Full version Quitting Social Media: The Social Media Cleanse Guide For Kindle

  • 3 years ago
Is the first thing you do when you wake up to grab your phone and check notifications? Do you often end up spending 10-20 minutes on social media without realizing it? What about the discomfort when your phone is not around, or there?s no Internet connection? These might seem like innocent daily actions, but are actually habitual behaviors that are dangerous for our mind, body and spirit. By preferring digital socializing, we forget how to communicate face-to-face and even avoid it. We start living in our feeds and are often prompted to join new channels. We add people we don?t really know to a friend list that doesn?t mean much in real life. And we follow the lives of people, while becoming unhappy about what we lack in ours. But you don?t need to live this way. It?s time to get back your attention, time and peace of mind, to start forming real relationships again and be more productive. All that can happen by not just learning how to use social media mindfully and with limits, but also ditching it for some time to be free from its negative influence. This book will show you how!