Number of COVID-19 cases in Europe surpasses 15 mil. mark

  • 3 years ago
유럽 코로나 19 확진자 1,500 만명 돌파

Over in Europe, the number of COVID-19 cases surpassed the 15 million mark on Friday.
It took the region nearly nine months to record 5 million cases.
But the next 10 million were reported in less than two months.
At more than 15-million, 46-thousand infections, and around 3-hundred-44 thousand reported deaths, Europe accounts for 26 percent of the global caseload and 25 percent of pandemic related deaths worldwide.
France surpassed Russia to become the worst-affected nation in the region, ranking only behind the U.S., India, and Brazil.
According to Reuters, France and Russia account for roughly 27 percent of the total cases in Europe.