Seoul citizens participate in radio shows as hosts and guests: '2020 Seoul in Radio' kicks off

  • 4 years ago
내가 라디오 스타•••시민 참여형 방송 축제 '서울 인 라디오'

Residents of Seoul are appearing on the radio today and through the weekend to share stories about their lives in the pandemic.
This is an annual event called 'Seoul in Radio' where ordinary citizens take the mic as hosts and guests.
This year's themes are 'Because of COVID-19' and 'Because we are together.'
The program is on air today until 8 PM, and this weekend from 2 to 8 PM.
To listen, tune in to 100-point-7 MAPO FM, through the podacast app podbbang or on the '2020 Seoul in Radio' YouTube channel.
To watch the show in person, go to Gyeongchun Line Forest Park in northern Seoul.