Promotional collaboration between S. Korean pop band and dance crew goes viral

3 years ago
대박난 이날치x앰비규어스의 한국 홍보 콜라보

International travel might be on hold, but that's not stopping the Korea Tourism Organization.
Its six videos promoting different regions of South Korea have been a big hit on social media.
Our Han Seong-woo met the driving factors behind the project's amazing success.
Over 110 MILLION views combined and still counting.
"Feel the Rhythm of Korea", a series of promotional videos made by the Korea Tourism Organization, has hit the jackpot on YouTube.
The six videos, one each for Seoul, Busan, Jeonju, Gangneung, Andong, and Mokpo, feature the music of alternative pop band Leenalchi and urban dance crew Ambiguous Dance Company.
"The harmony between us seems to have created a special force. I think the unfamiliarity is what's attracting people."
Leenalchi, one of the latest sensations in the domestic music scene, makes contemporary music inspired by 'gugak', or traditional Korean music.
Its four vocalists specialize in 'pansori', a Korean genre of musical storytelling that dates back to the Joseon dynasty.
"We're hoping the future will bring more success ... like entering the charts... perhaps even the Billboard "
By far the group's most successful track, "Tiger's Coming Down" tells a funky reinterpretation of "Sugungga", the folk tale of a turtle that sets out on a quest for a rabbit's liver to cure an ailing Dragon King.
"We're just musicians who joined together to perform what we're good at. We're thrilled that the videos have had so much attention and entertained lots of people."
Leenalchi didn't do it alone though.
Adding some dance moves to the band's melodies is the Ambiguous Dance Company, led by artistic director, Kim Bo-ram.
"That everything can fit so well together when we are doing our own, separate things almost feels like destiny in a way."
The choreographer, easily recognizable in the videos with his eyecatching beard, hopes dance can grow into a part of life that anyone can enjoy anywhere.
With the videos amassing views around the world, fusion gukak and dance may well be on their way to becoming a K-POP genre of their own.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.