2020 U.S. Presidential Election Timeline: From Election Day to Inauguration Day

美 대선 '결전의 날'... 그 이후에 벌어지는 일들은?

We're now down to exactly a week... until Americans head to the polls to decide who will be their president for the next four years.
The result is usually clear by the next morning - so in this case, as election day is on November 3rd, the morning of the 4th - but the election isn't officially decided until the following month.
The votes have to be counted, the results need to be certified, and then there's yet another vote by the Electoral College.
The U.S. presidential election system: Choi Won-jong on Arirang News' 2020 election team explains.
Election Day in the U.S. is just one week away.
Tens of millions of Americans have cast their ballots already by mail, and even more people are expected to do so in person next Tuesday.
Vote counting starts early in the day and continues long into the night.
Based on reports from the states, the news media are usually able to announce a projected winner on election night, but there are still many votes left to be counted in the succeeding days.
The states have different deadlines for mail-in ballots usually three days after Election Day, but in the case of Washington state, as late as November 23rd.
Once the states have counted the ballots, it's time to determine the official winner for the country as a whole.
By December 8th, each state has to create a certificate indicating the vote count and which candidate gets the state's votes in the Electoral College.
For all but two states, it's winner takes all.
The electors cast their ballots on December 14th in their state's capital, and then the results are sent to Washington.
A few weeks later, on January 6th, the Senate and the House of Representatives assemble at the Capitol in Washington.
If one candidate has a majority of 2-hundred-70 or more electoral votes, then the incumbent Vice President will announce that candidate and his or her running mate the President and Vice President-elect.
If there no candidate get to 2-70, then the House decides the election in a vote.
Finally, on 20th of January, the new president and vice president take the oath of office at the West Front of the Capitol.
The Vice President goes first, followed by the President, sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.