Europe records over 6 million accumulated COVID-19 cases as it continues to grapple with virus spread

  • 4 years ago
AFP "유럽 코로나19 누적 확진 600만명 넘어"

The accumulated COVID-19 caseload across Europe has topped six million.
This comes as many countries there including France and Italy continue to grapple with a rapid surge in new cases.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
Europe has recorded over 6 million COVID-19 cases,... as many countries across the continent continue to grapple with the virus.
Since the virus first hit the region in January,... an AFP tally shows over 237-thousand people have died.
Russia has been hit the hardest with a total caseload surpassing 1-point-24 million,... followed by Spain and France with some 825-thousand and 669-thousand cases, respectively.
France, on Wednesday, yet again posted a new record-high number of daily cases at nearly 19-thousand.
The country has continued to see daily new cases surpassing the 10-thousand mark for the past week or so.
In response, the French government has put in place a "maximum alert" for Paris and its surrounding suburbs to contain the spread, and signaled that additional measures could be implemented.
Italy has mandated the wearing of face masks outdoors nationwide in an effort to contain the virus.
While the country had been curbing the virus by imposing a lockdown earlier this year,... Italy has seen a steady rise in the number of new cases over the last two months.
On Wednesday, it has reported over 36-hundred cases,... the first time the number has climbed over the 3-thousand-mark in five months.
New COVID-19 restrictions are also being imposed in Berlin as the German government seeks to contain the spread.
Starting Saturday, nightlife venues in the capital will have to close their doors between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. the following day.
The country is also banning family gatherings of more than five people from more than two households as well as private gatherings of more than ten people.
Germany reported more than 28-hundred cases on Wednesday,... with 288 cases concentrated in Berlin.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.