Veg Stew with Paneer-- White Vegetable Stew Recipe-- Kerala Style Veg Stew--

  • 4 years ago
Veg Stew With Paneer:-

Paneer cubes:- 150g
Chopped Carrots:- 2 medium sized
Curry Leaves:- Few
Chopped Beans:- 6
Chopped Potato:- 1 medium sized
Cauliflower:- 6 florets
Butter:- 2 spoons
Milk:- 1 cup
Chopped Ginger:- 1 spoon
Black Pepper:- 2 spoons
Cardamom:- 2
Cinnamon:- 2
Cloves:- 2
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

How to make:-

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