N. Korea calls on S. Korea not to violate western sea border in search of official's body

  • 4 years ago
북한 "남, 영해 침범 말아야 ... 시신 수색해 넘겨줄 방법 생각

North Korea is warning South Korea not to violate the western sea border in the search for the missing South Korean official ... who was shot and killed by North Korean soldiers last week.
According to a report carried Sunday by the regime's state media, the North Korean navy demanded that South Korea stop what it claimed are search operations that cross the military demarcation line, saying that it cannot overlook intrusions into its waters.
The North said that it plans to carry out its own search and will consider ways to hand over the man's body to South Korea, if found.
Since the man disappeared last week, South Korea has been sending boats to look for him or at this point, for his remains.