Powerful Typhoon Haishen moves out of S. Korea, but stay alert of violent winds and storm surges

  • 4 years ago
태풍 하이선 내륙 빠져나갔지만 강풍 및 해일 여전히 우려

Let's track the path of this weakened typhoon as it escaped off the Korean peninsula this afternoon.
Our Lee Seung-min is tracking its movement.
Seung-min, Haishen has made its way to the East Sea?
Well, Conn-young. Typhoon Haishen moved out to the East Sea near Gangneung, Gangwon-do Province as of 1:30pm today. It will continue to move north and make landfall in Hamgyong-do Province, North Korea at around midnight tomorrow.
Now, you may notice that Haishen and the latest typhoon we had, Maysak, share very similar courses. The only difference we can see is that Haishen passed through the east coast just 30 kilometers to the right of that of Maysak. Other than that, the shape of the path and the intensity of the central pressure are very similar. But what's more concerning this time is that Haishen has overlapped the areas that were heavily damaged previously from Maysak. Im-won port of Samcheok District and Guryongpo Town Pohang City have again seen some major damages.
Haishen will continue to bring violent winds. Especially on the east coast and in the southeast, strong winds of up to 40 meters per second are in forecast. By the time Haishen passes through North Korea, winds are to strengthen in wetern regions, including Seoul metropolitan area.
I'll be back with more updates later. Back to you, Connyoung.
Thank you, Seungmin. We'll check back in with our Lee Seung-min later in the broadcast.