• 4 years ago
Hello friend welcome to Techno-E-Solution, Today we are going to make "Fingerprint Door Lock Using Arduino & Servo Motor" The need of safety can be achieved by making lock which can be electrical or mechanical with one or a few keys, but it’s an old-fashioned lock which does not provide safety. Security is a major concern in our day to day life, and digital locks have a become an important part of these security system. There are many types of security systems available to secure our place. Nowadays every device operation based on digital technology. For example, Technology based identity devices are used for automatic door unlocking or locking. These locking systems are used to control the movement of door and are functional without requiring a key to lock or unlock the door. These locking systems are controlled by a keypad and are installed at the side open side of the door. In this project we used Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller and Fingerprint sensor (R307) and Servo motor to open and close the door.

Complete details of the Project :-

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Circuit Diagram :-

PCB Layout of project :-

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