201307 Remote Interview from Korea W BTS (Eng subtitle in desription box)

  • 4 years ago
q. if you were to describe this album in 1 word?
jin: if i were to put it in one word it would be "gold"
jin: because it sparkles like us. HA HA HA
q. sth memorable abt recent activities?
sg: the world stadium tour
jh: that's right, stadium tour
sg: almost a year has passed since then... i wanna do a concert.
q. did u enjoy eating jpn food?
rm: we eat so much...
bts: okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, ramen, katsudon, abura soba, motsu nabe...
mc: ur all experts! ("通")
jh: YES
jm: to the fans always supporting us... i wanna see u all!