Amid world leadership vacuum, S. Korea could play positive role in promoting democracy, fast COVID-19 response: experts

  • 4 years ago
'세계 선도 대한민국,' 중견 국가로써 민주주의 가치관과 모범적인 코로나-19 대응 전파할 수 있는 기회: 해외 전문가

After assuming his presidency on May 10th, 2017... building peace on the Korean peninsula has been President Moon Jae-in's key policy goals.
With the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzing the entire world, international observers say, his peace initiative is a much needed force in the world.
Oh Soo-young reports.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in could increase the country's "constructive contribution" to building global peace and cooperation.
That's according to experts speaking to Arirang News.
Since 2017,... Moon has focused on building peace across the border with North Korea,... and bringing the denuclearization agenda back to the dialogue table.
"It's been of course President Moon's ability to persuade Donald Trump to commit political capital and time into developing his own N. Korea policy, which of course has paid off with three critical summits. The president therefore was a uniquely important catalyst in getting the Americans and the North Koreans together. I think he's shown not only political courage but a shrewd degree of political psychology..."
Recently Moon has extended his initiative for peace and cooperation amid the COVID-19 crisis.
"We've seen also of course some high profile cases of foreign leaders explicitly trying to learn the lessons from the S. Korean experience or in some cases the Irish taoisaech has sought and received technical assistance from S. Korea, countries around the world or state governments, the governor of Maryland and the U.S. strikingly receiving PPE, important equipment from S. Korea.."
This has boosted the South Korean leader's status,... giving him room to further extend Korea's positive contribution to the world.
"It's really riding the wave with BTS, with Hallyu, with director Bong Jun-ho and Parasite. There's a lot of goodwill towards S. Korea. So it does have this opportunity to be a beacon in NE Asia of democracy, positive responses to global pandemics, to diplomacy, to goodwill among nations and towards its own citizens."
Moon Jae-in on Sunday vowed to turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity so that South Korea can take a leading role in the world.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.