WEBINAR | The odyssey of an HTTP request in Scaleway | Intermediate

  • il y a 4 ans
Experience Report : The odyssey of an HTTP request in Scaleway
WEBINAR - Level : Intermediate
Broadcasted : April 16th, 2020

"The odyssey of an HTTP request in Scaleway" by Jérôme Quéré, Engineering Manager for API Gateway & DevTools at Scaleway

00:02:20 - Scaleway's Presentation
00:07:52 - The odyssey of an HTTP request in Scaleway
00:40:04 - Q&A

- How we route HTTP traffic to more than 80 micro services?
- How to handle more than 2700 requests per minute?
- How we use gRPC and Envoy at Scaleway?

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Useful links
Tell me more an HTTP request:

- To get more informations about CreateDatabase: https://developers.scaleway.com/en/products/rdb/api/#post-db99c5
- To learn more about BGP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8INzy9E628
- To get more informations about Envoy: https://www.envoyproxy.io
- About gRPC: https://grpc.io
- For more documentation on Load Balancing: https://www.envoyproxy.io/docs/envoy/latest/intro/arch_overview/upstream/load_balancing/load_balancing
- Some documentations on Health Checking: https://www.envoyproxy.io/docs/envoy/latest/intro/arch_overview/upstream/health_checking#arch-overview-health-checking

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