COVID-19- How safe are health care professionals in this novel coronavirus US outbreak
  • 4 years ago
There are young doctors out there getting very sick and dying from COVID-19. In fact, I just learned that 44 Italian doctors have died from COVID19.
That's not supposed to happen. We are seeing it abroad and now in the US. The reason is somewhat unclear, but what all can we do to reduce this? Are we getting enough protection? Even despite the lack of certain PPE (personal protective equipment)? Do we know enough and are we doing enough?

When US soldiers get deployed to war, they come equipped with the best equipment to fight the enemy and protect themselves.

The novel coronavirus US pandemic with COVID-19 from the SARS-CoV-2 virus is exactly that, a war. In this case, health care professionals are the troops on the front lines. Our weapons aren't proven to be great thus far (see my last video), so at least shouldn't our ability to protect ourselves be?

In this video, I discuss how safe (or unsafe) we really are on the front lines, the frustrations regarding lack of adequate PPE, and in some cases the lack of sufficient protection from our own hospitals (at least in my opinion).