Bengali Nursery Rhymes Toys | Khelna | খেলতে খেলতে খেলনা চিনি | Bangla Cartoon | Moople TV Bangla

  • 4 years ago
In this Bengali nursery rhymes YouTube video brought to us by Moople TV, the kids are having a lot of fun playing with their beloved characters the Dhinchak Dinos while singing Bangla Rhymes. Together with their friends, the children enjoy themselves as a sea of toys surrounds them.

The children are riding a toy scooter as they play with a ball. Every time the ball reaches one of them, they hit it with a bat.

The kids also have a lot of fun riding on the rocking horse. They are fascinated by the toy train that goes around in circles all by itself without any manual intervention at all.

Some of the children get busy flying a beautiful kite in the sky while others make merry staging a toy fight between the robot & the teddy bear. They also have a lot of fun pressing the belly of the rubber duck, which emits quack noises similar to the sounds made by real ducks.

Finally, the kids end their playtime with blogs of legos with which they build toy homes for their amusement.

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