Full Version The Incredibly True Confessions of a Black Female Union Steward: A Workplace

  • 4 years ago
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BONUS MATERIAL!Follow the wryly-told embattled adventures of a socially isolated, non-conforming union leader as she battles toxic management and co-worker idiocy in a well-meaning Social Services office. Chock-full of insights, foul language and The Five Stages of Grief, The Incredibly True Confessions of a Black Female Union Steward is relatable to any and everyone who has ever lived, died and gone to hell in their job, work environment or both.Rated M for MisfitCONTENTS:1. Perceived Power Dynamics 101:2. Cast of Characters: Management3. Weingarten Rights4. Cast of Characters: Union5. I, as Union Steward6. Bcc: Notes on an Office Culture7. Tips and Tricks of a Black Female Union Member & Steward8. The Aggrieved9. Grievance #1: How I'm Insubordinate When You're Unprofessional?10. Interlude: A Gender Discrimination "Investigation"11. Interlude #2: Now, Union Steward Training** Grievance Report **12. Grievance #2: Send in the Clowns13. Quittin TimeBONUS MATERIAL: Co-workers