War Powers Resolution Passes in House of Representatives

4 years ago
War Powers Resolution Passes
in House of Representatives.
On Jan. 9, the United States House of
Representatives voted in favor of passing a
War Powers Resolution aimed at Donald Trump. .
The vote was 224 to 194, with three
Republicans dissenting from their party
and voting in favor of the measure.
Eight Democrats also dissented,
voting against the resolution. .
The War Powers Resolution will
now move to the Senate, where
it is not expected to pass as
Republicans hold the majority.
Regardless of the Senate’s decision,
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the
resolution would never be sent to
Trump's office for his signature.
This is a statement of the
Congress of the United States.
I will not have that statement
diminished by having the
president veto it or not, Nancy Pelosi, via Axios.
The War Powers Resolution was
spurred on by Trump’s recent use
of military force against Iran. .
Without consulting Congress,
Trump approved an airstrike
assassination of Iranian General
Qasem Soleimani on Jan. 3. .
This prompted a retaliatory attack by Iran
on two military bases housing U.S. troops
in Iraq days later.